Let's stop giving garbage

and also put an END to embarrassing Regiftwrapping faux pas!

You may have experienced that awkward moment - after you’ve resurrected and de-tagged an old gift bag or box only to accidentally give it back to the person who originally gave it to you 🤦‍♀️. 

We can fix that! We’d love everyone to buy our original RethinkWrap™ - but, in the meantime, let's just start a reusable movement. 

are you crafty and conscientious?
why not make it official and join the reusable movement

It's easy with our handy Regiftwrap.it DIY stickers! Buy* an official Regiftwrap.it DIY PRINTABLE (ps. printable is free if you like our Facebook page) or Preprinted DIY STICKERS each with unique ID tracking number and attach it to the inside of your own fabulous reusable gift wrap, bag or box 🎁👍🏻😄 win-win for 🌎!

Voila! Now armed with the official Regiftwrap.it sticker, you become a proactive, socially conscious and eco-chic Regiftwrapper and can avoid (those) awkward moments!

* FREE-limited time free for early adopters!