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REGIFTWRAP -∞- RETHINKWRAP™ the smart, eco-friendly reusable gift wrapping paper

Our eco-chic reusable gift wrap is made beside the seaside in Poole, UK.



This is our puppy, Luna. She's the CFO (chief fluffy officer) here at Regiftwrap. She's been super influential with our final production and launch schedule 😅...  

We'll give you more details and updates about us in the new year - for now we're focusing on shipping product!


Regiftwrap™ is reusable gift wrapping paper. Reusing is better for the environment than recycling, which takes lots of energy and water and only half of all paper even gets recycled so that’s a lot going to landfill. A beautiful alternative to disposable wrapping paper and its unwanted trash.

Regiftwrap™ looks and feels like traditional wrapping paper but it's virtually indestructible, extremely light, tear resistant, soft and waterproof. It also handles dreaded sticky tape effortlessly.

Our simple yet stylish wrap comes in classic colours that offer a perfect solution to your seasonal and celebratory gift wrapping. Let's step outside the kraft paper box - and be more colourful! Use Regiftwrap as a base and then be creative and dress your gifts with unique ribbons, tags, bows etc. (see our Pinterest boards for inspiration)

We think wrinkles are beautiful. Regiftwrap is designed to be scrunched up and stored in its own reusable gift tin.

Each sheet is individually numbered for tracking and eco accountability.