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REGIFTWRAP -∞- RETHINKWRAP™ the smart, eco-friendly reusable gift wrapping paper

eco-chic Reusable gift wrap in a tin™

Darling, I'm not like the others - 
don't treat me like garbage.


Well hello there!


Just in the (St.) Nick of time for Christmas!

What is reGIFTwrap?

  • eco-chic Reusable gift wrapping paper (Reusable is better for the environment than recycling and A great alternative to traditional wrapping paper and its unwanted trash).

  • made from special a technological material. Tear resistant, can be reused multiple times and at the end of its long Long life - recycled.

  • Designed to be scrunched up and stored in its reusable travel tin - to keep it safe and ready for reuse

  • each sheet is Unique and individually numbered for tracking and eco accountability


Why Regiftwrap?

The more we share the more we have.
— Leonard Nimoy

Giving and receiving gifts is universal.

Wrapping a gift shows that you have not only employed your credit card for a few seconds — but that you have also taken care. 

Alas, if you’ve ever seen a typical living room on Christmas morning, and witnessed the garbage pile of wrapping paper - you already know that waste is an unhappy byproduct.  

Each Christmas the UK alone bins 226,800 miles of wrapping paper, that’s enough to stretch nine times around the earth or reach the moon!

Contrary to popular belief, less than half of wrapping paper is or can be recycled. And every year during the winter holiday season we send an extra 4 million tons of wrapping paper trash to landfills.

Traditional wrapping paper is difficult to reuse as it’s designed for single use, and although some of us might try to reuse it, realistically this can only be a couple of times before it is unsalvageable. Most people excitedly tear into their gifts like a lion into a gazelle leaving little paper left to salvage. One can awkwardly collect the scraps of paper, attempt a rescue by flattening, or put into recycle bin, but even then it’s still a 47% chance it will end up in a landfill.

To put this in context - it is estimated that it takes 15 trees to make a ton of wrapping paper, which amounts to 60 million trees cut down just to wrap our gifts, and wind up as 4 million tons of holiday cheer dumped into landfills.

A major percentage of used wrapping paper can't be recycled due to special or metallic coatings (i.e. 👉 foil stamped kraft paper 👀). And recycling isn't without consequence. Recycling requires large amounts of energy and water. Its better to reuse, not throwaway.  


we can all choose to make a difference. 


according to a study by stanford: 

"if every american family wrapped just three presents in reused materials, the saved paper would cover 45,000 football fields"



We’ve reimagined gift wrap to be reusable, shareable and socially accountable. Our innovative solution employs novel materials, tracking technology, and social media consciousness to make reusing gift wrap chic and on-trend, fun & relevant - as well as provide tangible environmental benefits.


Let’s stop giving garbage and disrupt gift wrap waste with smart reusable Regiftwrap™.

(Modern) wrapping paper was invented in 1917. It is way overdue for an update! We commemorated the 100th anniversary with a rethink and reimagined gift wrap to embody this century’s circular economy and socially conscious ethos!